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Check The Tape – Nebraska

Finally.  It's been almost three weeks since a CTT post.  Two weeks ago there wasn't any online tape to check, and last week was my mom and step-dad's car accident (they're doing great, by the way - thanks to all who offered kind words).  I went a little overboard with this one after taking two weeks off.  It's ugly, but here's Check The Tape: … [Read More...]


NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 20 Texas State at Illinois

Back And Forth – Nebraska

It's hard to imagine what writing this site would be like with a vibrant, exciting athletic program. I've been doing this for 5.5 years now and the high points have … [Read More...]



Looks Like University Of Illinois – Jalen Coleman

Had lunch with a friend today. He's starting a website, and he wanted to chat about integrating Twitter with his blog.  As I was explaining how I link the two, a … [Read More...]

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NCAA Football: Camp Rantoul Monday Practice 1

Line Play

Save the day with lineman play? No way, Jose - not today. It sounds cliche but I must say we give away most every play. I hate to say it's child's play; the way we play is so passe. They salt away each running play and we are left in disarray 'cause while … [Read More...]


SOC – Nebraska

I think I ate something bad because my stomach is a clownshow right now. You know what might enhance the experience of watching us lose tomorrow? Food poisoning. Watching us lose is bad enough - watching us lose on my phone while hugging the toilet, that's … [Read More...]


Those Were The Days – Nebraska

Detlef sends us way back for this one - back to 1923. Harry Hall! James McMillen! Frank Rokusek! And some little-known halfback from Wheaton Illinois playing his first ever college football game. Things would turn out well for this team, as they'd go on … [Read More...]



"I'm not sick, but I'm not well." That's been my standard response the last few weeks. The football team has me losing my hair in chunks. A single troll who has announced his intentions to destroy this website. Basketball recruiting and the feeling of … [Read More...]


Craig Has The Scout – Nebraska

Big Ten play. 21 of the last 22 times we've done this (the final six Zook games and the first 16 Beckman games), we've lost. And where do we get to start this Big Ten season? Same place we started the last Big Ten season: at Nebraska. Here's Craig with a full … [Read More...]


We Love No Other 2.3 – The Braintrust

Calling all members of The Seventeen. If you've never listened to a podcast before, listen to this one. Why? Because I rounded up three of The 17 Illini Fans Who Care More About Football Than Basketball to discuss the season so far: Steve (Back-and-Forth), … [Read More...]

NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 20 Texas State at Illinois

Back And Forth – Texas State

Steve and I started this back-and-forth exchange during the game. During the rain delay, to be specific. I'll try to follow the game timeline here to show you what was happening on the field as we were sharing these thoughts. As per usual, my WE JUST TOOK … [Read More...]

NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 20 Texas State at Illinois

Illinois Wins

That's what the scoreboard says right now. That's it, just "Illinois wins". I mean, are they sure? Do we need a recount? I felt awful for the better part of five hours and now don't know how to behave. There have been so many games where I feel great and then … [Read More...]

NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 20 Texas State at Illinois

Player Interviews – Texas State

It always kind of centers me. You don't have to listen to all three of these interviews if you don't want to, but if you have five minutes, listen to the David Reisner one. Transfers from Navy, awaits his chance, parents tell him to keep fighting, and then, … [Read More...]

NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 20 Texas State at Illinois

From The Stands – Texas State

I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FEEL!?!?!? Someone help. Please. Angry while nervous? Despair while somehow relieved? I really don't know what to do, say, think, or feel. I'm out of words. So I recorded 8 minutes at the end of the game. And then laid out A PATH TO SIX … [Read More...]

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