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From The Field – Northwestern

I can barely remember what I said here. Got emotional. I saw the seniors leaving the field in tears and lost it a little bit. The timing of these decisions, the timing of today's announcement, today's announcement, THE PLAY CALLS TODAY... everyone let our players down. … [Read More...]


Postgame Interviews With Four Seniors

You might normally skip this post. I only ask that you listen to these. Especially Teddy K and Fej. They had some fantastic things to say about their experience at … [Read More...]


Back & Forth – Chattanooga and Chicago State

The first email here was after we lost to Chattanooga to move to 1-3. These spanned three days, enough time for us to barely beat Chicago State. So here's Tyler and … [Read More...]

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SOC – Northwestern (plus Seniors Part II)

I'm all about combining posts today. This morning, I combined a CTT with the first half of my yearly "what you should know about these seniors" post. Tonight, let's talk about the rest of the seniors and then let's Stream my Consciousness. … [Read More...]

What You Should Know About These Seniors (Part I)

I'm combining two posts today. This post will be this weeks Check The Tape - a greatest hits of sorts.  As I do every year, I'm going to go through all 21 seniors (17 scholarship seniors, 4 walkons) and tell you what I've learned about them.  Part II tonight … [Read More...]

Craig Has The Scout – Northwestern

Ghosts of the Football Game Past This is a tough one to be subjective.  The frustration level of this game is as high as it has been for me since 2008 against Minnesota, ironically enough.  Illinois outplayed Minnesota for the majority of the game, … [Read More...]

Back & Forth – Minnesota

It's Double Back & Forth Day.  Immediately below, Tyler and I pull our hair out over basketball.  Right here, Steve and I discuss the Minnesota game (a game Steve attended in person), the offensive struggles, and the fact that we have to go to … [Read More...]

JCL FTW: A Hoops Live Blog

Editor's Note: Trevor plans to write weekly Sunday Night basketball columns this year. This week, he's on vacation and said he'd probably write something Monday night. That created a bit of a traffic jam. I had my post, his post, and (soon) Tyler's reaction to … [Read More...]

What Can You Say?

I reach these moments in a game like this where the outcome is almost inconsequential.  Win or lose, the message has been delivered.  Down 14 with 10 minutes to go against 8-and-24-last-year Chicago State, it almost didn't matter to me if we came back and won. … [Read More...]


Two roads diverged in a wood.  I took the one less traveled by.  And, after a few years wandering around, I ended up right back at the exact same spot, having not advanced anywhere closer to my destination.  And that has made all the difference. … [Read More...]

Little Things

This was was simple, right? I wrote about it last night: "We’ll have to win the battle of the Little Things, and I’m not sure we do the Little Things well enough to win." Minnesota did (they had one yard in the third quarter yet three points because of special … [Read More...]

Back & Forth – Basketball!

As I said in my last post, this was a long week for me. But here and there, Tyler C. and I were able to exchange some emails back and forth about basketball. Here's the first basketball Back & Forth of the year: … [Read More...]

SOC – Minnesota

Whew. Lonnnng week. So busy that I really haven't had much time to think about this Minnesota game. I'm usually obsessed with the upcoming game, but this week I had a big project at work (stayed at work until 2:30 am on Tuesday) and have been preoccupied with … [Read More...]

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