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Take Mom To Illini Night At Busch

Attn Cubs and Sox fans: This is the yearly post where I partner with the Cardinals to give away free tickets to Illini Night at Busch Stadium. So move on along to the depth chart post or something - we have some STL business to attend to. Specifically, giving away four tickets (and four shirts) to Illini Night at Busch. … [Read More...]


Post-Spring Three Deep

This the least accurate depth chart I'll ever put together. We don't fully know the schemes yet (and we won't, really, until North Carolina), and we don't know which … [Read More...]


Pick My Post – The 1998 Illini Basketball Team

It's been a while since we played Pick My Post.  I put out the call on Twitter, you give me ideas for a post, I write it and have it posted in less than an hour (not … [Read More...]

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Recruiting Parallels

I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that we're entering our most important recruiting window (for both football and basketball) in at least a decade. Recruiting is always important, but with the way next year's teams set up (seniors, seniors, and more … [Read More...]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Kendall Smith

Perhaps the biggest question facing Lovie Smith when it comes to recruiting: can he end ABI? Can he turn the tide so that recruits coming out of Chicago are no longer headed Anywhere But Illinois? His first move, landing Smalling and Smith (LLC), suggests … [Read More...]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Ricky Smalling

Let me just start with this. Using the composite rankings, the highest ranked player to pick Illinois last year was TE Zarrian Holcombe, who ranked #704 nationally. Ricky Smalling's ranking on the composite list? #333. This is Lovie climbing up two or three … [Read More...]

Spring Mailbag IV

I should add some teases to these before-the-jump intros so's I can get me some CLICKS. You won't believe what these Illini football players look like today - #6 WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! … [Read More...]

Spring Mailbag III

More mailbaggery as spring ball winds to a close.  One more practice on Tuesday and then Lovie dives head first into recruiting recruiting recruiting. This first one is from an email: … [Read More...]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Hardy Nickerson Jr.

Easily the biggest Illini player personnel moment since Ke'Shawn Vaughn grabbed the Illini hat at that press conference.  Just a gigantic commitment. Yes, he's a fifth year transfer, so he'll only have one season, but still, there are going to be a lot of Tom … [Read More...]

Spring Mailbag II

I'm going to cheat and use a tweet about Dre Brown from last night as my first "mailbag" question. Because I need to talk about it. Because talking about it can bring healing. Maybe. … [Read More...]

Spring Mailbag I

See, now this is making me sad because I usually only do two mailbags per year - Spring and Rantoul - and now the Rantoul mailbag won't be named the Rantoul mailbag. I really need to get over this. It's like Camp Rantoul was my child or something. OK, on … [Read More...]

Post-Practice Interviews

Four very different interviews here.  Talking hair (and offensive line) with Austin Schmidt, then "can you maybe be our punt returner as a true freshman?" with incoming recruit MJ McGriff, then "hands look good" with Andrew Davis, and finally "so recruiting, … [Read More...]

Starting From Scratch

I watch a lot of Illini football playing against Illini football.  Spring practices, Rantoul (*snif*), I've dedicated a lot of my life to watching the Illini play the Illini.  So when there's a scrimmage like this, I usually go by general feel. My … [Read More...]

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