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Ball-You-Man – Baylor

What a crazy logjam. I currently have a Detlef post, a Trevor post, and a Martin post to put up.  And right now, 3:48 pm, is the first chance I've had to post them. So get ready for a burst of posts. Which 3 of you are waiting for at 4:00 on Black Friday. … [Read More...]



Those Were The Days – Northwestern

Those were the days! Tomorrow, we attempt to beat Northwestern and go to a bowl. Today, Detlef takes us back to 1998 and a win over Northwestern that foretold our … [Read More...]



Be Aggressive. B-E-Aggressive.

So let me get this straight. We missed maybe seven bunnies right under the basket. ISU had a guard who had only ever scored four points suddenly go off for 17 in one … [Read More...]

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Craig Has The Scout – Northwestern

Before we get started, this is my public thank-you to Craig for this series in 2014. No offense to Tyler or Steve or Trevor or anyone, but Craig has the IlliniBoard Rookie Of The Year locked up. Have extra time this long weekend? Go back and read all 12 CHTS … [Read More...]


Ball-You-Man – Indiana State

So much going on. Hoops today, hoops tomorrow, football Saturday - Sunday could either feel really good or feel... like it has since 2008. Still can't help but think that by Tuesday night, we could be waiting for our bowl destination and waiting for our … [Read More...]

Fighting Illini Basketball Scrimmage

Back & Forth – Brown

I knew I was going to do this to myself when setting up all these regular columns on the IB.  There's a basketball game tomorrow and Friday, a football game Saturday, I have one Craig preview and two Trevor previews, I'll be back & forthing all weekend with … [Read More...]


Check The Tape – Penn State

What is wrong with the human mind/body that you can still get nervous when watching a field goal that you already know goes in? How is the brain able to convince itself that it might not happen? I'm watching Reisner line up and my heart is racing watching the … [Read More...]


We Love No Other 2.5 – Tyler C.

Tyler and I recorded this Sunday night, gleefully discussing this Illini offense and how we pitied the fools who might try to stand in its way. Then, we trailed Brown at halftime last night and I felt like this podcast might sound silly.  Then we maybe played … [Read More...]

NCAA FOOTBALL: OCT 04 Purdue at Illinois

Back & Forth – Penn State

It's so much more fun to discuss a win.  Or is it?  The LOL Bowl is now a play-in game.  Would I rather have the season over and done with than give Fitzee the chance to crush our dreams?  Yep - you're right.  Even if it would be painful, it's worth it for a … [Read More...]


Ball-You-Man – Brown

Trevor's preview of tonight's opponent - the Brown Bears. I'm late for lunch - that's the only intro I've got. … [Read More...]


Back & Forth – Austin Peay

You know what's fun? Back & forthing with Tyler about back to back 100 point games and back & forthing with Steve about a win over Penn State. I keep checking my phone for new emails. Let's run with basketball tonight and then football tomorrow. Here's my … [Read More...]

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You forget. You forget the why. You're fully aware of the who and the what, you can schedule the when and the where, but every now and then, you need a game like this to remember the why. When Reisner's field goal went through, and the seniors gathered to … [Read More...]

Fighting Illini v. Miami-OH

Player Interviews – Penn State

I tried to get to as many seniors as I could. I ended up getting four of them - Alex Hill, Michael Heitz, Davontay Kwaaning, and Reilly O'Toole. And I talked to Darius Mosely as well. And, of course, FEJ! … [Read More...]

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