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The Best Job On Campus

The return of We Love No Other!  After taking the summer off, the podcast returns with a very special episode.  Don't worry, my recording issues, the volume changes, and the parts where I sound like I'm speaking from a cave - they're all still there.  It's a special episode because I have five guests, and they're here to tell you about the best job on campus: … [Read More...]


NCAA Football: Camp Rantoul Monday Practice 1

Back And Forth – Youngstown State

There's going to be a somewhat regular post rotation this fall.  Monday nights will be We Love No Other, Tuesday Check The Tape, Wednesday afternoon is the … [Read More...]


Fighting Illini Basketball Scrimmage


It means nothing.  But it's never happened before, so it means something.  But if nothing comes from it, it didn't mean a thing.  Of course, if something comes from … [Read More...]

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Cri De Coeur

There's no way to verify this, but I might be the only blogger who listens to classical music in the pressbox. Total real media move. It ruins blogger cred to say things like "Mahler's 9th has a certain cri de coeur that I find lacking in his 4th Symphony". … [Read More...]

Fighting Illini v. Miami-OH

Postgame Player Interviews – Youngstown State

My favorite part of these interviews?  Simon Cvijanovic is not happy.  The entire interview he's agitated - at himself, at the team's performance, at the running game issues.  That's what you want from your senior leaders.  Especially after a game like today.  … [Read More...]

Fighting Illini v. SIU Salukis

From The Stands – Youngstown State

What do they call it when the cops are called to go check on someone who isn't responding to knocks at the door? Welfare check? I appreciate the welfare checks today. Texts and tweets of "you're OK, right?" Yes, I'm OK. OK in the sense that I nearly fell … [Read More...]

Christian DiLauro (#67) blocks for Devin Church.

Chatting With MO’D At Halftime

I'm sweating. I'm staring down a very, very dark place. I've put approximately 300 hours into this team in the last nine months, and suddenly, with a 7-6 halftime lead over an FCS team, it's all teetering on the edge. The long, dark, Missouri 2009 tunnel is … [Read More...]

NCAA Football: Camp Rantoul Tuesday Practice 3

Stream Of Consciousness – Youngstown State

It's back. We made it. Student-athletes have returned, so I can stop paying attention to professionals. No longer do I have to act like I care about baseball. College football and basketball recruiting, then college basketball and football recruiting, then a … [Read More...]


Those Were The Days – Youngstown State

Before Robert wrote words on IlliniBoard, Detlef wrote words on IlliniBoard.  I joined with Brumby in 2013; Detlef aligned with Brumby in maybe 2002 (go Antoineo Harris).  So before there was a Stream Of Consciousness or a Check The Tape, there was a Those … [Read More...]


Subscriptions And Renewals

Some of you may have noticed the little floating ticket showing up this morning. Some of you notice the floating ticket every day, but for subscribers, specifically the people who subscribed on the first day last year, one year is up as of this morning. So … [Read More...]


Craig Has The Scout – Youngstown State

It's hard to describe how excited I am about this: I've convinced Craig to join me in writing for the site. We discussed it in Rantoul and I asked him what would be his dream thing to write about. His response: breaking down what the opponents do. So each week … [Read More...]


Everything I Know

So I kind of wrote a book. OK, it's not a book, but it's, like, A BOOK.  I wrote down every single thing I know about the 2014 Illini football team.  Emptied my brain.  Kept writing and writing until the needle was well past "E".  It's a lot. If this was a … [Read More...]

NCAA Football: Camp Rantoul Monday Practice 2

When You Wish Upon A Star

Sometimes, you simply discover a star. And because of that star, your whole team is better. Take the 2011 Illini. 59% of the reason that team went to a bowl and won it: Whitney Mercilus. Not just the 15.5 sacks, but the 22.5 tackles for loss and the nine … [Read More...]

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