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This will be a short postgame post. I have to get back outside and cut a hole in a door to install a vent for the furnace closet. I am very much looking forward to cutting this hole in the door as it will vent a few frustrations. Renovations on the house are almost done. I'm gassed. Speaking of.... … [Read More...]



Looks Like University Of Illinois – Two Guys Who Verballed A Month Ago

Big weekend ahead for football recruiting. Tim Beckman has four (maybe five) spots he can fill, there's a few voids on the 2017 roster that need to be filled (namely … [Read More...]



Ball-You-Man – Minnesota

Big game against Minnesota before a much needed week off to rest up. We'll be running on short rest and a short bench against a desperate team. Brace yourselves. … [Read More...]

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NCAA Basketball: American at Illinois

Back & Forth – Purdue

Short turnaround time this week.  Home game late Wednesday night, then road game mid-day Saturday.  So there's just two emails back-and-forth between Tyler and I.  But don't take that to mean there's not much info here.  Tyler wanted to talk about Leron … [Read More...]


The Leron Black Game

I write my emotions. You know that. One game I'm "let's win 8 of the next 10 in this weak Big Ten" and the very next game I'm "we'll never hold a lead again". Tonight? "I've been waiting a long time for a real, true, rebound-eating power forward wearing … [Read More...]

NCAA Basketball: American at Illinois

Ball-You-Man – Purdue

Robert's postmortem on the Indiana game and all of our other close losses was a rough read. It really highlights the weight of every possession in college basketball. That's my new go-to argument for why college hoops is more fun than the pros. In college we … [Read More...]

NCAA Basketball: American at Illinois

Back & Forth – Indiana

The Indiana loss hit me pretty hard. So hard, in fact, that I replied to Tyler's first email with a long, rambling mess of a response where I put words to my fears. We're giving away bobble-heads because it's been TEN YEARS since we made a tourney run. I need … [Read More...]

NCAA Basketball: Missouri vs Illinois

75 Minutes

The moment the game was over, I immediately started researching our end-of-game numbers. I tweeted about Oregon, Michigan, and Indiana endings and then sat down to research the last 10 minutes in our 7 losses. Obsessed, I was. Then I went to my nephew's … [Read More...]


Ball-You-Man – Indiana

Indiana at THE Assembly Hall might be the biggest game of the year for me after the Braggin' Rights game. This game has had so many ups and downs over the past decade. We go from the highest of highs, beating #1 Indiana on a buzzer beater broken play, to the … [Read More...]


Back & Forth – Northwestern

Tyler was in attendance at the Northwestern game.  So this Back & Forth is more "tell me all about it".  Only a couple emails between us, but they're chock full of goodness.  Including my attempt to compare 2014/15 to 1999/2000 and Tyler's challenge for … [Read More...]

NCAA Football: Camp Rantoul Monday Practice 2

Taking Inventory (Part III – Specialists, Coaches, & Schedule)

This is the final installment in this little series where I take out my clipboard and go through the warehouse. And I'm still stuck on the takeaway from Part II of this series - there will be at least NINE senior starters on the 2016 defense. I'll try to pull … [Read More...]

NCAA Basketball: American at Illinois

Nunn The Wiser

You have to understand - when you're tasked with coming up with titles for all of these posts, you just kind of naturally move in a lame direction.  So even though I used "Nunn - Too Pleased" when he verballed to Illinois, I just had to go back to the … [Read More...]

NCAA Basketball: American at Illinois

Back & Forth – Nebraska

This felt similar to the Nebraska back-and-forth with Steve during the football season. Early conference season road game goes horribly bad in Lincoln and we're left to sort through the ashes. Which leaves us all anxious about whether this thing heads straight … [Read More...]

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