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NCAA Football: Illini Orange and Blue Spring Game 2015

Post-Spring Three-Deep

I wrote this long, whiny post yesterday about burnout and the perils of maintaining a near-daily blog whilst working a sometimes hectic full-time job (and being a father and a husband). But it had been far too long since I wrote something and then deleted it, so it's in the trash. Instead, let's get to all the posts I should have written since the spring game. First up: depth … [Read More...]



Looks Like University Of Illinois – Amani Jones

This is that yearly LLUOI post where I explain why I started doing the LLUOI thing in the first place. And then, at the end, maybe, I'll talk about Amani Jones. Oh … [Read More...]



Looks Like University Of Illinois – Mike Thorne Jr.

Six weeks ago, Jalen Coleman-Lands was probably the odds-on favorite for Big Ten Freshman of the Year. There was only one player, a raw PF headed to MSU, ranked … [Read More...]

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Pick My Post: Big Ten Hate

I do this thing where I tweet "pick my post" and then people tweet me a bunch of topics to write about and then I write about one of them in 45 minutes.  This is now that post which I was just talking about right now.  I'm Perd Hapley.  … [Read More...]

NCAA Football: Illini Orange and Blue Spring Game 2015

Spring Game Photos

I have all these photos that Jonathan took on Saturday.  I have this website here where I can put the photos "online" for people to "view", so it hit me: what if I put all of Jonathan's photos in a "slideshow" on the "internet".  Might I then change the rules … [Read More...]

20140411_U of I Campus_DSC_0512 - 3

Big Year

Figured I'd write the Thorne LLUOUI post today. Of course, I owe Steve an email for our spring game back-and-forth. And Tyler and I agreed to do our basketball season autopsy after spring ball. Amani Jones LLUOI, spring football mailbag, basketball recruiting … [Read More...]


As You Wish

I was all "yeah, I'm not sure we'll score a touchdown in the spring game".  And then our first string offense went for -5 yards on their first series and I was all "yeah, we're totally not going to score any touchdowns today".  And then that offense … [Read More...]

NCAA Football: Illini Orange and Blue Spring Game 2015

Spring Game Interviews

A few quick thoughts, then some interviews, then I'm going to get some food with the Braintrust, then I'll drive home thinking about the game, THEN I'll write the postgame write-up, and then I'll try to sneak into bed without waking my wife but accidentally … [Read More...]


Post-Practice Interviews

I had fun with these three interviews last night. First, an interview with Zach Heath talking about beards. Then, a chat with Tito Odenigbo on trash-talking Ohio State in 2007 fans AND Northwestern fans in 2014. Finally, a longer chat with new co-DC Mike … [Read More...]


Amani Jones Interview

Chicago Phillips linebacker Amani Jones committed to Illinois at practice tonight. So for the second time this spring, a kid commits to the coaches at practice... I'm standing there with a recording device... why not get a quick interview?  So here's … [Read More...]

Fighting Illini Basketball Scrimmage


Get it? It's my final REPORT on Austin COLBERT.  My last COLBERT REPORT.  Get it? See, there was this... you know what nevermind.  Austin Colbert is leaving the basketball program, so my dreams of a senior year Chris Gandy (or maybe even a … [Read More...]

NCAA FOOTBALL: OCT 04 Purdue at Illinois

Defensive Rotations – Part II

OK, so we've established the rotations we'll see on the defensive line and at linebacker. The DL will rotate eight or nine guys, all with fantastic names like Carroll, Teko, Jihad, Tito, and Chunky. The four man crew on the inside at linebacker will be just … [Read More...]

NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 20 Texas State at Illinois

Defensive Rotations

It's easy to write about a scrimmage dominated by the offense. Smith threw it to Jones who scored a touchdown yay offense go team. It's not as easy when the defense dominates. If the final score of the spring game this weekend is 6-3, the fans will be … [Read More...]

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