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Fighting Illini v. Miami-OH

Leo And Star

YET ANOTHER band name.  Tegan and Sara?  Meet Leo and Star. I received a tweet on Tuesday from a reader who had read the Chunky and The D-Line post (Echo and the Bunnymen? Meet Chunky and the D-Line.), and their question asked about those two positions - Leo and Star - and how they are used in this defense.  Don't mind if I do. First, a disclaimer, for I must always begin … [Read More...]


Fighting Illini v. Miami-OH

Chunky And The D-Line

My post titles make the best band names. "You going to Hipsterfest this weekend?" "Wouldn't miss it - Chunky And The D-Line are playing the YOLO Stage!" The name … [Read More...]


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Fall Visits

Feels like 1991 up in here.  In those days, back when and you'd rush back to your dorm room after class to watch Saved By The Bell on TBS at 3:00 (just me?), you … [Read More...]

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Remembering 56

Not everyone plays. That's the harsh reality in college football.  Any college sport, really.  Kids who dominated entire conferences in high school are suddenly fighting with 14 other high school superstars for five spots on an offensive line.  And the … [Read More...]

Fighting Illini v. SIU Salukis

Looks Like (Tom Brattan Will Be The New Offensive Line Coach At The) University Of Illinois

I know I'm going to misspell his name at least 15 times.  Put me down for 11 "Bratten" and four "Bratton" this fall.  Tom BRATTAN is the new offensive line coach, replacing AJ Ricker who left to drink Keystone Light in the carports of Columbia, Missouri.  … [Read More...]

Fighting Illini v. SIU Salukis

Comparing Zook and Beckman

I spend a lot of time wondering how I can best make this point.  The list inside this post was compiled more than three months ago, but I haven't found the right time to post it.  Mostly because it's something that can so easily be interpreted the wrong way.  … [Read More...]

Fighting Illini v. SIU Salukis

Back From Vacation

I was only gone six days, and it's the middle of the summer, but a lot happened while I was gone. I tried to keep up with all of the necessary LLUOI posts, but there's more stuff to cover.  That's what this post will be.  Quick thoughts on everything that's … [Read More...]


Looks Like University Of Illinois – Sam Mays

They're both around 6'-3" and close to 180 lbs. They're both wide receivers from Texas. They're both members of the 2015 Illini recruiting class. They committed to Illinois within 24 hours of each other. Whether they like it or now, Sam Mays and A.D. … [Read More...]


Looks Like University Of Illinois – A.D. Miller

This recruiting class will have, I don't know, maybe 23 players. Which means from March to February, I get to write 23 of these (plus two or three more for basketball) in the span of 365 days. So OF COURSE we land three players in four days while I'm in … [Read More...]


Looks Like University Of Illinois – Henry Enyenihi

A Juco discussion broke out in the comments section of the Butkus Statue post, so I figured I should maybe talk about The Whole Juco Thing while addressing our latest junior college commitment, Henry Enyenihi. First off, how great is a name like Henry … [Read More...]


Build The Butkus Statue

There are two. Two sides to Memorial Stadium. We call them East and West. Your seats are in the West Main or maybe they're in the East Balcony. A few years ago, the west side became the Grange side. A statue, outside the walls, dead center on the 50, … [Read More...]


Looks Like University Of Illinois – Zach Heath

With this verbal, I'm struck by something. It's easy to mechanically go through these posts, evaluating film and projecting future lineups to see where this new player might fit into future Illini football depth charts. But sometimes, it's helpful to remember … [Read More...]

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Chatting With Coach

If you want to know what to get me for my birthday, or, say, maybe Father's Day, here's a gift idea: send me to dinner with someone knowledgeable about the Illini football roster.  That's it.  That's my gift.  I'll pay for dinner.  Just give me unlimited time … [Read More...]

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