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The 90 Illini – 40 to 36

Every year, when reaching the 30's on this list, I have the same reaction: these players are ranked too low. I then go looking for places to move them up and I can't. Which means college football is much more than the 22 starters. Lots of players will make big contributions. Like... … [Read More...]


The 90 Illini – 45 to 41

We're fully into the two-deep now. Until we get to the mid-20's, this list will be understudy after understudy. A few of these guys will surprise in camp and make … [Read More...]


Ride the Wave

Has the Jeremiah Tilmon hysteria worn off yet, now that we’re over a week post-commitment? No? Good. Because the ripple effect from the big man’s decision is still … [Read More...]

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When you don't know what to write about, just start writing. … [Read More...]


Remember #TFLU from 2012? How I wanted us to be known as Tackle For Loss University? How Tim Banks' defenses always got into the backfield and that's what he'd build here? Well, at least for his final season, that was true. And I think it gets even better … [Read More...]

The 90 Illini – 50 to 46

The top 50! I look at the team as 25 starters (11 on offense, 11 on defense, kicker, punter, long-snapper). I'm not the best at math but if there's such a thing as a "two deep" then that's two players at each position... 25 times 2, carry the 1... the top-50 … [Read More...]

What’s Next?

So after a year of absolute turmoil - three football coaches, 15-win basketball team, more torn ACL's than a fat man at yoga camp - things have seemingly settled a little bit. A Super Bowl head coach and a five-star big man will do wonders for stability. So … [Read More...]

The 90 Illini – 55 to 51

I'm a few days behind here (blame Jeremiah Tilmon), but I should be caught up this week. So glad I chose to do these five at a time this year. The top 50 are players who are definitely in the rotation, while so these players are right on the outside … [Read More...]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Jeremiah Tilmon

We needed a big man. We needed a recruiting win. We needed some momentum. Dammit, we needed something good to happen for once. And as I checked my phone on the 7th tee yesterday, huh, suddenly five texts from five different people. Wonder what might have … [Read More...]


There it is. After years of pursuit and months of intensifying whispers surrounding his recruitment, five-star forward Jeremiah Tilmon has officially announced his commitment to play for John Groce and the University of Illinois. This is no time to try and … [Read More...]

Sweet Tea

I’ve been in the mountains all week. Haven’t really caught my breath in a week, both literally and figuratively. You know how my perfect day – like, absolute perfect day – is a fall Saturday in Champaign? My wife’s perfect day was pretty much every day this … [Read More...]

The Wild Card

On Thursday, I sat down with Illinois redshirt freshman Kipper Nichols following a team photoshoot. Nichols is a 6-foot-6, 220 pound forward from St. Edward High School in Lakewood, Ohio, where he averaged 18.8 points and 4.9 rebounds per game as an … [Read More...]

The 90 Illini – 60 to 56

I’m writing this from about 9,000 feet (mountain, not airplane), so if the altitude affects my writing I apologize in advance. I’ve blamed the altitude for my headaches, my shortness of breath, and my general malaise the last few days. So if this post goes … [Read More...]

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