Inconsistency Bias

Winning ugly is the sleepiest of tired cliches. I know it, you know it. My Rhet 105 professor surely knew it. But it's late and it took me forever to drive back from Madison to the Chicago burbs in a snowstorm so I'm rolling with it. Besides, I'm not

Swing Thoughts

I walk into the lobby and Mike Small is waiting for me with Tommy Kuhl and Adrien Dumont de Chassart. Small and ADdC are having a conversation about his swing. I don't know what the conversation is, but it's something about the right shoulder. I don't

We Love No Other 6.17 - 20 Games In w/ Tyler

Tyler and I really should have recorded a basketball podcast episode by now. We're 20 games into the season! I blame the ReliaQuest Bowl and all of it's glorious January bowl-ness. So last night Tyler and I recorded a pod. And we landed on a pretty

37 Jumpers

You know how Steph Curry changed basketball? Or maybe I should say how Steve Kerr changed basketball? Or maybe credit should go to the Warriors analytics department. Whoever it was, you know what I'm talking about, right? The reason Kofi wasn't drafted


This has been, by far, the hardest basketball season to write about. It's not the worst season (not by a long shot), but it's probably the hardest one to frame. I know my audience, and I'm at home games and away games, so I'm always trying to hand you

The Returnees - Offense

This little burst of football articles has been good for me. Helped me realize that I still wasn't finished with football thoughts. Whenever that happens, I need to immediately open the release valve or else all of the content on the site will suffer

8th Grade Basketball

Well that sucked. The energy was high. The crowd was rabid. The game starts so strong (with Indiana looking incredibly lost) that Mike Woodson takes a timeout not even two minutes into the game. The crowd is going nuts, we're dreaming about getting

The Returnees - Defense

Classes started yesterday. The Transfer Portal closes today. Monday was the final day to declare for the NFL Draft. So mid-January is when we can really start to look at next season. To know where the new players fit in, you need to know who is coming

1 Of The 17 Day

Here's the new plan. I always announce plans and then never stick to them, so I don't even know why I'm saying this right now, but here's the adjustment I'm making: For several years now, I've been struggling with how to adjust to the changing football


I'm standing on the pedestrian bridge outside Pinnacle Bank Arena in Nebraska last Tuesday. People are looking at me funny because I'm standing in the middle of the bridge over the railroad tracks seemingly talking to myself (or maybe looking like I'm

Moments - Michigan State

Friday night at the SFC was pure old school fun. As Robert noted in this tweet... > Maybe it was the orange-out, but this had the feeling of a game from the early 2000's. Michigan State in town, sold out Orange Out, crowd keeps getting louder and louder

One Question Mailbag - State Farm Center

I don't know why I keep calling these "one question mailbag" posts. This one isn't even a question. Someone responded to me on Twitter, the comment put me directly into "well, actually" dad mode, and now I want to explain to the kids in the backseat

About Damn Time

Here's the thing. You're going to read that title and think I'm saying something like "it's about damn time this team looked like this." And yeah, that's part of it. I didn't get as low as a lot of you, but yeah, it's nice to see it all finally coming

A Charm

The first time I drove to Lincoln in the winter it was -2 degrees and snowing. We played like it was -2 degrees inside the arena (easily the worst game we played the entire 2020-21 Big Ten season) and we almost lost. Ayo had to save us in overtime. My

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