Stop Talking About Ryan Walters

I get it. He's great! He's built an amazing defense! You're worried about what happens when he leaves! But can we maybe stop talking about the Secretary Of Defense and start talking about the troops? Schwarzkopf came up with a great plan for Operation

Postscript, Chattanooga

I quit. No, that's not right. Sorry to anyone who got excited, Robert included. I'm still here. I was a quitter? Maybe that's closer to what I'm going for. I was … a quiet quitter. Quiet quitting is one of those buzzwords that's omnipresent right


In my former life - Career I, with this being Career II - I used to deal with scale all the time. I'd create a drawing, and the drawing had to be to scale. 1 inch on the drawing = 30 feet, that kind of thing. You can't just zoom in or zoom out to make

From The Stands - Chattanooga

Sitting in the press conference right now and I can't really think of a question. My brain is completely reeling. I wish this was a better opponent because the way we played, I think we would have destroyed a better opponent. So here's me rambling

SOC - Chattanooga

My dad used to tell this Chattanooga Choo Choo joke and I feel like I need to start this SOC with that joke. I want to say the joke was on some comedy record he had? It wasn't his joke. But in 1979, jokes were the way you navigated the world, so he

Check The Tape - Virginia 2022

You were looking for the SOC, weren't you? Well I haven't started it yet. I've been CTT-ing. If there's one thing my father taught me as a child, it's that you always CTT before you SOC. I guess this means I have at least another hour in this desk

Craig Has The Scout - Chattanooga

Craig is still locked out of his admin login, so once again I am asking you to realize that even though the byline over there says Robert, this was written by Craig. I mean, THIS part wasn't written by Craig. This is the intro, written by me, Robert.

Those Were The Days - Chattanooga

The order will be a little different this week with a Thursday night game. I'll keep this short by using acronyms. TWTD goes up right now. Then CHTS will be next. After that, I'll finally publish the CTT from the Virginia game. Then, tomorrow night,

Fall Hoops Mailbag

It's been 184 days since my last hoops article - which was the Houston scout before the NCAA tournament loss to said Cougars. Thought a little mailbag action would help get the basketball juices flowing again - so here we go. Questions from the Slack

Go The Distance

No, not Field Of Dreams. Hercules. The Disney version of Hercules from 1997. The one with the song Go The Distance. You were probably thinking of the words whispered to Kevin Costner when he was sitting at the ballgame with James Earl Jones, but that's

2023 Three-Deep

The first year I started blogging I made up a bunch of rules ("uh, during the bye week each year I'll look at the depth chart for the following season"), and here we are 13 years later and I'm still following the same exact rules. It is now the bye

Buncha Numbers

I don't know where to start. I'm going through my "CFB Stats" bookmark folder - the one I usually go through begrudgingly every Monday/Tuesday - and every single page I'm browsing gives me good news. These are the times I can get way too excited, so

Postscript, Virginia

There is, and perhaps rightly so, a preoccupation with a football team's "identity." Heck, I know I've written about it in years past. I'd imagine Robert, in his years of writing about Illinois football, has touched on it as well. It makes sense. I'm

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

That's the rainbow which appeared with about four minutes to go in the game. Fans of other teams will look at that photo and only focus on the size of the crowd. I stare at the rainbow and dream about what's on the other side. See, I've attended that

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