Take Two

I heard it from a lot of people this year. Texts from friends. People I ran into at the golf tournament. A guy who introduced himself at the grocery store. They all said nearly the same exact thing: "I wish I ignored this basketball roster stuff like

No One Is Alone

I'll be honest. I was late getting there. My alarm went off and I set another one for 45 minutes later. The last five days have been exhausting, and when my alarm went off, my body went "NOPE." And then when I got to Grayhawk, thinking (hoping) that

The 17th Tee

I just looked at the timestamps on the photos in my phone. I arrived at the 17th tee at 4:07 pm. I took the last photo of the last group departing the tee at 5:21 pm. And in that time, I saw the entire individual tournament play out. I'm not kidding -

We Love No Other 6.24 - First Three Days at NCAA's

I decided to do a full podcast episode for this one (with the intro song and everything). I was going to write out some of the quotes from these interviews, but I felt like assembling them all as a podcast episode tells the story so much better. So if

Choose Your Own Adventure

I hinted at this earlier on Twitter. I'll have much more to share later tonight about today's round, but I said that I could write an entire book about ADdC's group on the sixth hole today, so that's what I'm going to do first. 72 holes in this tournament

How 'Bout Us

I have this playlist on my phone called the "Tailgate Playlist". It is not a playlist I put together myself. It's an organic playlist. They'd sell it at Whole Foods. Here's how it came together. I had a short playlist for tailgates. The last two spring

Round One

I am, all of the sudden, very tired. And the first Illini tee time tomorrow morning is at 6:10 am. So I think this will be a short recap given that my long train ride out here (and the heat today) have apparently taken a lot out of me. Most of this

The Struggle Is Real

"Here's what to expect" has never been harder. And as someone whose words are 61% "here's what to expect", it's a struggle right now. Not just for me. Bill Connelly released his updated Returning Production and revised preseason SP+ projections today

PMP 2023 - The Marching Illini

This will be one of two PMP articles on the same subject: The Marching Illini. The second one can't be written until this fall, though, because it's a request to write about something relating to the season. I guess I didn't really need to say any of

PMP 2023: The Proper State Of Mind

I'm continuing this series of Pick My Post requests with a topic I've written about many times over the last 14 years: Ray Eliot's "Proper State Of Mind" speech. We'll start with the full question from Fred (thanks so much for your donation to the

PMP 2023: Illini Football, September 2013

For this PMP, the person who donated $100 to the scholarship fund (Randy) replied to my "what article would you like me to write?" with "whatever you want." I still felt like it should be random, so I decided I would write about a certain Illini football

We Love No Other 6.23 - Kevin's Basketball Travels

I met Kevin at the Nebraska game on January 10th. He was on a sojourn of sorts. Actually, I don't think sojourn is the right word. Sabbatical? He was on a sabbatical. Actually, maybe it's sojourn. He was wandering the country following his team, is

PMP 2023: Underwood's Coaching Style

Hoo boy. When I decided to do a fundraiser this way, I was aware that some of the questions might be difficult. This one is a "hey Robert, please go on the record with this controversial subject" kind of question, but Thomas donated $200 to the scholarship

23 & Me

To everything, churn, churn, churn There is a season, churn, churn, churn Today's tale tracks with all of the college football offseason rule changes over the last 15 years. SEC coaches cutting the bottom 20% of their roster and bringing in recruiting

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