We Love No Other 6.20 - Spring Scrimmage Thoughts

Decided to do a mental download for this one. Carmen and I attended the open-to-the-media spring scrimmage today. Then, after a brief bite to eat (neither of us had eaten anything all day because who eats breakfast or lunch when there's an open scrimmage?)


If there's one constant in my life, it's the feeling that I'm in someone's way. It's completely unhealthy. If I'm at a grocery store, and I need something on the left side of the aisle, but there's someone standing at their cart on the right side of

Ingress And Egress

I don't like it either. I've written about how much I dislike it so many times. One of the reasons I'm a college sports guy is the cycle of players - it turns over every four years, they grow up before your eyes, etc. - and I've spent the last 40 years

Good Vibes

I'm anxious. I want to make sure I effectively communicate what I'm trying to say. It would be so easy for you to read this and think "Robert is saying the football program is 100% repaired!". Before you read this, please promise that won't be your

LLUOI 2023: The Quarterbacks

Thing I didn't think about when switching to this format: reviewing three players at one position in the same article - and adding 3-5 gifs per player - means these articles will use up your entire data plan with one click. Once I get to the offensive

Sizing Up The Diamond

It's me, Robert, writing another one of these intros and then publishing words written by someone else under my byline. These are baseball words, which means they were written by Ben. Just to be completely clear, these aren't my words. They're Ben's

We Love No Other 6.19 - 2023 Postmortem

Tyler and I have done this each of the last three years. The season is over, the Tournament rolls on without us, so we sit down and record a podcast to discuss where it all went wrong (and where it might be going from here). I don't think I need to set

Early Spring 2023 Depth Chart

It's funny. I intended to give you my "this is a depth chart, not a three-deep, so there will be some names that might appear as a backup at more than one position" speech, but then I laid out the depth chart and there's just no clarity on any of those

The Squeeze

My wife and I signed a lease in Champaign three years ago last week. The Covid-19 Pandemic was only a couple days old, and the NCAA Tournament had already been canceled, so we decided to stop our house search in Champaign and rent instead. The world

Head In The Game

Want to clear your head? Want to stop feeling sorry for yourself because your basketball team failed to reach the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament for the 18th consecutive year? Then go to a 7th-grade basketball game. You'll need some background

2023 NCAAT III: Fly By Wire

Every time we're in the NCAA Tournament I go back to my blogger-in-the-basement days where I number every post with a Roman numeral. And for this trip I got to THREE. An article to kick us off once I got to Des Moines yesterday, an evaluation of Nico

2023 NCAAT II: Scouting Niccolo Moretti

I can't tell you how nice it was to get to watch the shootaround today. The NCAA does it right - every team has an open shootaround in front of fans and media as the players get used to the shooting backgrounds in the arena. I'd probably pay $500 to

2023 NCAAT I: Made You Look

I don't really use TikTok. I'll watch a TikTok that someone sends me, but I've never just opened the app and scrolled through. Not sure why. Just haven't ever gotten into it. I don't use Instagram, I've never had a Facebook account in my life - I'm

2023 Comps

My brain lives in a world of comps. If you've read five or more articles I've written (and you probably have - I just looked up the total and this is article number 4,376 since I started the first blog), then you know that I navigate the world through

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