Good News, Bad News

Don't look now loyal IlliniBoard readers, but I'm slowly turning Robert into an Illini baseball fan. To be clear, he's already a fan. I want to see Alioneye go full football fandom on baseball. I think I can get him to come up with an RSCI for baseball

Tourney Memories

I was tweeting about this at lunch, and someone suggested I make this a blog post, and I have an hour here, so why not? This is a collection of random memories from watching Illini NCAA Tournament games over the past 35 years. In no particular order

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Dejon Brissett

I'll just say it: Dejon Brissett will always suffer for not being Jeff Thomas or AD Miller. "We're getting one of the top receivers in the nation? YES!" (Nope, back to Miami). "We're getting AD Miller after all?" (Nope, didn't get admitted.) "We're

Leap Year

As you probably know, I'm a comp guy. For some reason I think it's important to say that Isaiah Williams reminds me of 1999 St. Louis Rams wide receiver Az Hakim. And the best comp for our basketball program is.. our football program? I'll try to explain

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule


I waited to write this post until now - the morning after the Illinois season ended following a 83-62 loss to Iowa. The ending - as most all season finales are - was as sudden as it was disappointing.

The story today, though, is not really in the

Welcome Home Diamond 9!

_Editor's note: Tyler is still writing up last night's debacle against Iowa. Robert is still staring out the window into the expanseless void. So here's Ben talking about a team that, so far, is doIng this thing called "winning" and will hopefully

Play On

So OK - disaster averted. I could not have imagined a more disheartening and discouraging way to close out a season than to lose five of six games to stumble to a Wednesday slot in the Big Ten Tournament - only to then lose to a last place Northwestern


I need to rant a little bit. This will be one of those short lunchtime posts. See, over and over I keep seeing those "it's March! what an amazing month!" tweets and I want to punch something. We haven't played a game that mattered in March since Tracy

Bounce Back

My apologies for the lack of the preview of the Grand Canyon series last week. Had to pay my respects to a man who helped raise me and make me the man I am today -- my grandfather, Ed.

I figured the least I could do was write a little follow up of the


I watched some of the (skiing) Cross Country World Championships last week. No idea why. It was late at night, my wife was in bed, I'm tired of watching basketball, so I flip on something called The Olympic Channel and watch a bunch of Norwegian fans

Build It Up, Tear It Down

Shoot 50% from the field. Hit 10 of 21 threes (10 of 20 until the walkon hoisted one in the final minute). Trent is 3-4 from three, Ayo 3-5, Giorgi with 15 points and eight boards. And... lose by 18 at home to a team that was 6-12 in the conference?


Unexpected guest post! A senior reached out to me today (as in student, not octogenarian) with some words he had written about Aaron Jordan. As someone who fully understands "not sure why I wrote this - I guess I just needed to get the words out", I

Never Forget

Sometimes I feel like I'm alone in my Northwestern hate. Here, I'll give you an example. On this two game home stand, I wanted to beat Northwestern way more than I want to beat Indiana. See what I mean? Your nearly unanimous reaction to that statement


After the Purdue game, Robert - taking a cue from Purdue coach Matt Painter's post game comments - talked up the importance of experience as it related to college basketball - and specifically to the immediate future of Illinois basketball.

I was going

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