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December 3, 2018 @ 07:18 AM

So, yeah, this team is probably 7-1 with the 2013/14 schedule and the 2013/14 team is probably 2-6 with this current schedule..

If you feel that the teams if swapped schedules would match records then 7-1 is a 5 game advantage over 2-6 yet you comp 18-13 with 14-17 which is only a 4 game advantage. Why is that? Do you think that the B1G was stronger in Groce's second year? To boot, the Illini have to play 20 B1G games this year as opposed to the 18 they had to play in Groce's second year. Wouldn't 18-13 in Groce's second year really be more like a comp of 12-19 this season (or maybe even worse)?

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