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December 3, 2018 @ 01:26 PM

Very easy to pile on and vent after last night's debacle. Where does one even start? That's why it always cracks me up when people say how good player xyz looked after a game like Mississippi Valley State. Those games are completely meaningless (a topic which you covered in your post game analysis).

Watched the first half last night with my 92 year old father in the nursing home and then listened to most of the second half on the radio in my car. If this is possible, we even "sounded" bad. I wonder what goes through Altenberger's head as he broadcasts. Yes, we are always at a height disadvantage and athleticism disadvantage vs. any real teams, but the sloppiness was so glaring that you simply can't let it go. Unacceptable. Looked like we were drugged.

I'm like a lot of other Illini fans in that I get mad when the media picks us 13th in the preseason. But when you watch that horror show last night...... We seem to go from bad to worse.

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