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December 3, 2018 @ 07:01 PM

The key difference that stands out to me here is Nnanna Egwu - replace De La Rosa with Egwu and I think you see a vastly better team this year, as Egwu was that defensive anchor that we currently lack (and indeed that Groce 2014 team finished #14 nationally in defensive efficiency according to KenPom).

Otherwise, I'm a bit baffled with the reaction to yesterday's game, but can only assume it's because I wasn't able to watch it, so I didn't get as emotionally invested. I mean, Nebraska is rated #21 in KenPom, it was a road game, and we were a 13.5 point underdog at closing, so a 15 point loss shouldn't have been a surprise.

Overall, I don't think we're a good team by any means, but it's looking much worse than it really is because of the schedule. Even at 2-6, we're still currently 9 spots better than last year's KenPom ranking, and ranked even much better than that in some other systems (still #58 in Torvik). Unfortunately, it's not going to get much easier, so to have confidence for next year, I'll be looking to see progress and improvement from the team, especially from the young guys, and some upset victories as the year goes on.

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