Sports Are Cruel

Feb 12, 2020

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I'm just sitting here sick to my stomach. Not because of the last-second loss, but because of Ayo Dosunmu's injury. The only information I have right now is people tweeting me that the replay looked "really, really bad" and that his knee bent in an unnatural way, so I don't think I have any choice but to assume he will be out for a while if not the rest of the season.

I know that's horrific speculation, but Brad Underwood is doing his in-arena radio spot right now and he sounds more depressed than I've ever heard him. I don't think he knows anything official yet - MRI tomorrow, I'd imagine - but I think he knows it's a serious injury and not just "he slipped and fell and will be OK". And I'm just sick. Unfinished business might end with unfinished business. I'm gonna throw up.

What am I even supposed to write now? In 20 seconds I went from researching if we'd ever come back from down 20 that late in the second half and wondering if we really can win the Big Ten to watching us A) lose on a dunk with six seconds left and B) watching our best player go down with a knee injury and wondering if we'll even make the Tournament.

Because if he's out for the year, I'm not sure we win more than two more games (home for Nebraska and Indiana). We're already in the midst of what looks like it will be a five-game losing streak (I don't see any way we win at Rutgers or at Penn State), and that's before this injury. Without our leading scorer and go-to player (the one who just led a 20-point comeback in the second half tonight), I can't see us doing any better than 2-3 in the five games after this Rutgers/PSU road trip.

But who even cares about that right now? This play happened directly in front of where Ayo's parents and sisters sit. Can you even imagine their emotion right now? They've put all parts of life on hold to travel to pretty much every home game and road game. And then their guy goes down right in front of them and is screaming in pain? No parent needs to watch that. I might really throw up.

I seriously don't know what to say right now. My selfish brain is running through "my God, we're going to go from #19 to missing the Tournament" and my parental brain is sick for Ayo's mom and dad. I watched my son hurt his shoulder during a wrestling tournament one time and there's no worse feeling as a parent than seeing your son get injured right in front of you. Sports are great, but sports are so incredibly cruel.

I've never been to a game like this in my life. As loud as it gets in here... and then immediate stunned silence as every fan was saying to themselves "get up, Ayo, please get up". Honestly, the only thing you could hear was a smattering of fans booing the Michigan State players and coaches as they celebrated on the court while Ayo lay there injured. It went from so loud to so incredibly quiet.

I really think I will just end this here. There's nothing to talk about. Until we know the extent of Ayo's injury, I don't really even want to talk about anything. Seconds away from a second incredible comeback against Michigan State in three months and then as sick as I've felt about an Illini basketball injury maybe.. ever?

Sports are so incredibly cruel.


orangejulius on February 12, 2020 @ 01:25 AM

Likely one of the most devastating moments in illini history.

DB50 on February 12, 2020 @ 08:34 AM

Words fail me at this time to describe my emotions.

No bowl, no tourney on February 12, 2020 @ 09:05 AM

"absolute gut punch feeling" being upgraded to "virtual impalement".

IlliNYC on February 12, 2020 @ 11:46 AM

Sports will break your heart.

thegoah on February 12, 2020 @ 07:52 PM

No. Structural. Damage.

PapaDels4me on February 14, 2020 @ 10:57 AM

Best. News. Ever !

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