So, How We Doin'? St. Francis (PA)

Dec 18, 2021

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Just got to my hotel room in Nebraska. Had a wedding here tonight. Tyler is covering the game tomorrow and honestly, I'm not sure if I'll be awake by the time the game starts. I might sleep for 10 hours. I'm just not built for the dance floor anymore.

I guess I wasn't really ever built for the dance floor. But I'm so sore and exhausted right now. I honestly think it was the whole "a little bit softer now... a little bit softer now" thing. My knees just can't support a slow squatting motion followed by slowly rising back out of it.

It was funny - the music made a shift around 9:30 pm. The Cha Cha Slide and any semblance of a slow song goes out the window and suddenly we're in a club. Which I don't mind - this was my oldest son's friend getting married (he was the best man), and watchign your kids and their friends dance to their generation's songs is a great parental feeling - but it's just not for me. I head down to the bathroom and it's Hips Don't Lie. I return from the bathroom and we're in the middle of a Pony/W.A.P. back-to-back. NOPE. Seated the rest of the night.

Also made plans for a tailgate next November with the bride's parents. The eight of us will show up in orange, the eight of them will show up in red, we'll have a Nebranois tailgate. Even made a bet with the bride's father: loser buys drinks in downtown Lincoln after the game. Go Illini. Win three straight over Nebraska.

This is supposed to be about the basketball game tomorrow. And I'm right on the edge of completely asleep, so I need to power through. I'm seriously so, so, so very tired. I keep getting up to walk around the hotel room (without waking my wife who has now been asleep for 15 minutes and I'm so jealous). It's that kind of tired where I close my eyes while sitting at the keyboard and I honestly start to dream a little bit. More like stream of unconsciousness, amirite?

There's not much to preview for tomorrow. The focus, I think, is on the freshmen. Austin Hutcherson is now officially out, and Belo continues to be out, so we really need to decide the minutes we're going to get from the freshmen in January, February, and March. Is Goode or Melendez going to be the first freshman off the bench? Can we expect anything from Podziemski this season? Maybe we can play each of them 15 minutes tomorrow and start to learn just that.

Maybe I shouldn't even limit it to freshmen. Perhaps this should be a "figure out 8-9-10" game. We know the top six guys. And once Belo returns it will be "we know the top seven guys", So who will be 8-9-10?

I should note that when I say "we know the top six guys", we know that we know that we KNOW the top six guys. Here's the minutes this season. See if you can spot the transition from "plays as much as possible" to "plays sparingly":

Williams - 288 minutes
Plummer - 288
Frazier - 262
Hawkins - 241
Cockburn - 219
Grandison - 210
Curbelo - 89
Goode - 84
Payne - 82
BBV - 79
Hutcherson - 61
Melendez - 60
Podziemski - 21

Can you spot the transition from "regular rotation" to "bench guys"? If you drew a line between Grandison and Curbelo, you're correct.

OK, right there I just literally fell asleep. I have to wrap this up. No edits, no re-reads - gonna make a prediction and go to sleep. Not even kidding - I will be sound asleep less than seven minutes from right now. So, so tired.

Tomorrow will hopefully be about getting Goode, Payne, and BBV close to the 100 minute mark. And for that to happen, it needs to be a relaxing win. Let's make that happen.

Illinois 89, St. Francis (PA) 66


HiggsBoson on December 18, 2021 @ 03:50 PM

Am I the only one getting a weird vibe from the Curbelo situation? Out indefinitely with an unspecified injury (?), not on concussion protocol, not only not practicing, but not even at practice lately. Underwood's comments this week on Curbelo also sounded a little odd to me. Truth be told, AC has not been anywhere near what he was at the end of last season when he was playing. I know he has a right to privacy, but the situation is worrisome. I hope he'll be ok soon.

illinireb on December 19, 2021 @ 03:57 AM

On IL they were saying that Tate said on the radio it’s Vertigo

NC_OrangeKrush on December 19, 2021 @ 04:22 PM

As long as the issue is not "Transfer".... I have no worries about waiting it out medical issues until right..... Even February would be a another month worst case to figure it out and integrate the team before a tourney run (and there will be a tourney run.. even without our All American point guard until then). But of course Anytime in January would be better.

They care about his 18 year career.. And nothing else matters right now... Things you control vs. things you cannot.

Enjoying the Kofi ride until it stops in the mean time.... Since you won't see it again...

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