The 90 Illini #76: Donovan Leary

Jun 14, 2022

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Seventy-six QB's led the big parade
With a hundred and ten tailbacks close at hand
They were followed by rows and rows of the finest Fords and Bosos
The B1G will know that we have sand

Seventy six nose guards caught the morning sun
With a hundred and ten LB's right behind
There were over a thousand safeties, tackles who were weighty
Corners of every shape and kind

All the OLB's are really just defensive ends
Thundering, plundering, get out of their way
There are tiny little wideouts and some big OT's
Each OT, having his big fat say

There are offensive coordinators in the booth
Wondering, what to do, when it's third and four
Placekickers of every size and punters who can improvise
Don't forget that time he broke the oar

Seventy six QB's hit the skinny post
While a hundred and ten tailbacks blazed away
And when they heard the Three-In-One we all knew The Hat was won
And ol' Fitzee is still in tears today

What's that? You're here to read about the 76th-most important Illini player for the 2022 season yet after reading all of that you want to know my current Top Three Arrangements Of "76 Trombones"? OK, if you say so.

3. BBC Proms

If you're not familiar with the BBC Proms, it actually does stand for promenade, which actually does mean that people walk around Royal Albert Hall while fantastic performances happen right in front of them.

2. Closing scene from the 1962 film

THIS is how you roll the credits, people. The Buffalo Bills, that fantastic Shirley Jones-Robert Preston chemistry, and Buddy Hackett crossing his eyes while blowing on a tuba.

1. St. Louis' own Ambassadors Of Harmony


OK, NOW I'll talk about Donovan Leary.

76. Donovan Leary

Uniform number: not yet known
Year in school: True Freshman (5 years to play 4)
Height: 6'-3" -- Weight: 210 lbs.
Hometown: Sicklerville, New Jersey
High School: Timber Creek HS
Five best offers: Virginia Tech, Maryland, Rutgers, Boston College, Temple
Tom Cruise rating:


Probably the best "background" on Leary is that his brother might be a top-5 quarterback in college football in 2022. 3,400 yards, 35 touchdowns, and only five interceptions last year at NC State. They return a lot, so NC State is a sleeper pick to win the ACC. Maybe not even a sleeper pick.

That's Devin Leary, though. This is Donovan Leary. He was one of the first Bret Bielema commits (in March of 2021), so now we get to see what kind of quarterback this staff likes. Hopefully he's a carbon copy of his brother and the thing we learn about this staff is that they like quarterbacks who throw for 3,400 yards and 35 touchdowns.

2022 Outlook

I've always said that you can never discount a player who is the first QB commit. Ron Zook gave the job to Juice as soon as he could. Lovie even started Cam Thomas in a few games as a freshman. Many coaches like to get their guy on the field as soon as possible.

But this is 2022, and that means that Bielema has added two more quarterbacks since Leary committed. And both were transfers. Art Sitkowski arrived last year and Tommy DeVito arrived this spring. With transfers having the ability to play right away, it's much less likely we see a "he wanted to get this QB on the field as soon as possible" scenario.

So with those two battling for the starting spot plus walkon Ryan Johnson (who got on the field last year) plus redshirt freshman Samari Collier, it's not likely that Leary will arrive this summer and then get on the field this fall. The most likely scenario is a redshirt and a season-long tutorial on how to run this offense.


ditkanate on June 14, 2022 @ 12:56 PM

I am not a scout and don't really like putting my opinions out into the wild on a regular basis, but with that said, I like quarterbacks who throw for 3,400 yards and 35 touchdowns.

Efrem on June 14, 2022 @ 01:54 PM

As a life long Illinois fan - I've not ever seen that and am unsure how I would feel about a QB who throws for 3400 yards and 35 TDs

SectionII on June 14, 2022 @ 01:27 PM

BRAVO! 5 stars for “76 QBs” and the musical renditions.

Robert on June 14, 2022 @ 01:33 PM

Thanks. No one on earth today is more proud of anything than I am of turning "virtuosos" into "Fords and Bosos". I wish I could bottle the feeling I experienced when Cap Boso popped into my head.

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